Molded and Flat Dash Kit Installation Overview.

3M™5849 Installation

Your new molded or flat dash trim kit has been carefully designed and skilfully made so you can be assured of a higher level of enjoyment and excitement when you see your new dash kit installed in your car. Don't let the thought of a burdensome installation put you off. We have gone to great lengths to make installation quick and easy! Instead of trying to cut costs and use cheaper methods and materials, we did just the opposite! We could use cheaper adhesive and individual part liners to cut costs, but if we did, we wouldn't have the easiest, safest and most secure installation system available.

Promoter NOT Required
3M™5849 is the premium acrylic foam adhesive, featuring maximum bond-strength and built-in promoter.

All other dash kits require you to apply promoter to each factory part prior to installation. This process is tedious and time-consuming (especially for 20+ piece kits) and, if a dash part is misaligned, it is very difficult to realign without damaging the factory part or dash part. Also, promoter pens/pads often leak unexpectedly, which may damage uncovered factory parts. And, promoter is toxic, which may be harmful to skin on contact. Finally, since only one small pen/pad is generally provided, you may need to purchase extra promoter to insure all dash parts stick properly. And, they always seem to run out just before you're finished!

No Individual Part Liner
Flat dash parts are packaged on specially made clear liner sheets to save you the time and trouble of peeling the liner off each part which is tiresome, even for those with strong fingernails!

If misaligned, dash kit parts can be removed and repositioned for perfect fitment - a key benefit for 1st-time installers.

TruFIT™ Engineering

Our advanced team of engineers, the most experienced in the industry, takes great pride in making sure each dash kit fits perfectly so your car will look even better than it did when it came off the show room floor.

We start by carefully studying the interior, considering elements such as the shape and surface of a factory part, to determine which dash parts should be made.

Just because a dash part can be made, doesn't mean that it should be. For example, flat dash parts will not stick to all surface materials or curved surfaces, nor do all factory parts look good covered with a dash part. Understanding these principle rules, rather than trying to WOW consumers into buying dash kits with 'more' pieces, is why our premium dash kits look great, fit right and don't peel off!

Next, reverse-engineering is completed, prototype dash kit components are produced and then fitted onto the vehicle. If required, revised parts are produced and refitted. This process is repeated until all dash kit parts fit perfectly - free of sloppy edges and misaligned cutouts (common issues on low-quality dash trim kits).


Each B&I flat dash trim part is individually poured with our time-tested proprietary UV resistant GemFLEX™ polyurethane clear coat.

This premium coating features a brilliant super high-gloss finish with incredible depth and a perfect rounded off beveled edge. Again, we don't cut corners by using a cheaper epoxy clear coat which can crack and turn yellowish after a few years. We go the extra mile to give you a dash trim kit you can be proud of for many years to come. In fact, we are so proud of our quality, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against cracking, fading or discoloring. (Note: Lifetime warranty does not apply to real wood finishes).

Additional features include an ultra-thin profile for a true OEM factory look, great flexibility for easier installation and, superior protection against UV damage, scratches, burns, stains and extreme temperatures. Our proprietary GemFLEX coating is also extremely easy to clean with soap and warm water.