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Thank you for visiting us here at American Truck N' Auto Accessories. We are proud to present our full line of quality, American made dash kits. From the warmth and elegance of Real Wood to the bling of Chrome, our dash kits will set you and your ride apart from any other.

We have many years of combined experience in our industry and are happy to help you with your questions, concerns or suggestions. Our company prides itself on putting our customers first and not the bottom line. We want to make a difference and show that there is still a company that means what they say and really will put YOU first. We understand we are dealing with people and not numbers. We strive to treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

With our high priority on customer service, we have firmly established ourselves as a reputable, honest and dependable online retailer of automotive accessories. Enjoy our store and again, welcome!

About Our Dash Kits

The specially selected veneers, the largest variety, advanced laser cutting technology, precise fitting and 100% UV protected polyurethane coating, make these products the most popular, highest quality aftermarket accessories in the industry today!

We believe in providing you, the customer, with the best product for your car. If you want a product that will last longer, be easy to install, and is 100% UV resistant, you've found the right product.

We make interior and exterior trims, of a exceptional quality unmatched by any of our competitors. Most of our products are clear coated with polyurethane, that gives our dash trims flexibility, and durability, that cheaper epoxy coated trims don't come close to. The same polyurethane is used by OEM's,  Ford, GM and many others car manufacturers as an exterior emblem coating.

So why don’t our competitors use polyurethane?

Manufacturing polyurethane clear coated components requires expensive specialized equipment, not needed for epoxy coating. Epoxy coatings will turn yellow over time and crack. Our products are guaranteed never to do this. Because of our high quality, we are able to offer a lifetime warranty to original owner.

Please note: Our dash kits are not replacement dash boards and do not replace the dash in your vehicle. They are applique trim kits and are designed to enhance the appearance of your existing dash that is in your car.

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