We are an authorized re-seller for the dash kit manufacturer, WOW Trim Inc. This warranty is not offered by American Truck n' Auto Accessories LLC. WOW Trim Inc. offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of their products. Their warranty includes any manufacturer defect in material or workmanship that may occur during the lifetime of the kit and the vehicle it is installed into. This warranty does not cover neglect, misuse, abuse, accidents or improper installation. WOW Trim Inc.uses the highest quality 3M brand adhesive available to adhere the pieces to the dash board surface. Please note WOW Trim Inc. DOES NOT warranty the 3M adhesive backing. This is because WOW Trim Inc. has no control over the condition of the surface that the kit is being installed onto. Popular dash board dressings/protectants such as ArmorAll have been shown to negatively affect the adhesive properties of the kit and can cause the pieces not to stick down properly or come off. If any type of dash board dressing has ever been used in the vehicle, it is the customers responsibility to ensure it has all been 100% cleaned off and removed. In any instance, the dash board surface MUST be properly cleaned and free from dirt, grease, oils, sweat or the like that would cause the 3M adhesive not to stick properly. Alcohol wipes are included with the dash kit to assist you in doing that. We recommend purchasing a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol if more is needed.