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molded dash trim kits for cars, trucks and suvs.

You spend a lot of time on the road and in your car running errands, driving to and from work, going on vacation, dropping off the kids, waiting in traffic jams ect ect. Your ride needs to be comfortable and pleasing to you, especially on the inside where you spend a lot of your time in front of the dashboard. The interior of your car reflects your individualism, personality and style and makes a statement about who you are. May we suggest installing one of our custom auto interior molded dash trim kits from and add some extra warmth, style and luxury to the interior of your vehicle. Make it come alive with the many finishes and colors of our dash kits.

Having been the leader in aftermarket dash trim kits for over 20 years, we are absolutely confident that an interior molded dash kit will bring you complete satisfaction!

All our car, truck and suv interior molded dash trim kits are manufactured with the latest precision CNC laser technology utilizing top quality materials with precision tollerances. Most are finished in a special UV resistant high gloss finish which makes them scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean and protected from the suns UV rays.


Details of Molded Dash Interior Kit


Besides, the many choices of real woods & faux wood grain, brushed aluminum, modern colors, camo and carbon fiber interior trim kits for cars is super abundant and just about offers every color under the sun. Then, the installation requires no special skills, tools and assistance. Due to the easy to follow instructions we give on the website and included with your kit, you will be able to do it yourself in a relatively short period of time. Our lifetime warranty ensures your investment is protected for many years to come. And lastly, our competitive prices and great customer service make the accessories we offer a must for anyone considering upgrading the interior of their ride. Go ahead and add an attractive upgrade dash trim kit and you'll have a whole new love for your car, truck or suv!

Molded dash kits are formed and made in a special precision mold which is designed to make parts specifically for your particular vehicle model. This ensures a perfect fit that makes it look like it came from the factory that way. The kits are made from abs plastic material and molded to the exact shape of your dash board and interior surfaces. As opposed to a flat type dash kit which sits mainly on flat surfaces, a molded kit can do so much more as it hugs the curves and corners of the interior surfaces of your vehicle. After the pieces are formed, the finish is then applied by a special process that give you many choices. You can order different finishes including wood grain such as Dark Burl Wood, Natural Birdseye, Blackwood, Oxford Burl, Bronze Burl, Honey Burl, Avalon Burl, Bordeaux Birdseye, Rosewood, Mahogany and Tygerwood. We also offer modern finishes such as Piano Black, Brushed Aluminum, Silver, varius Carbon Fiber colors and Camo. There are pleny of finishes to choose from. Visit our Molded Trim Colors link to see the selection of these fine finishes.

Molded dash kits are super easy to install! Can you peel and stick? Of course you can! The interior surfaces of your vehicle MUST be thoroughly cleaned with Isopropryl Rubbing Alcohol. This will ensure any finger prints or contaminants are completey removed for proper adhesion. We use automotive grade 3M adhesive when manufacturing our kits. This is extremely strong so you only want to stick it once. Please be sure to thoroughly read the installation instructions before you begin the installation process. Installation is best done when the kit and vehicle interior is at room temperature. This will allow the adhesive to properly bond to the interior dash surfaces. We have the installation instructions online and each kit comes with installation instructions included. We also offer tech-support via phone or email if you need help.


Molded Dash Trim Kits


Some of our molded dash trim kits also include some flat kit pieces. These are called dash kit combos. These are in the larger kits mainly where molded pieces are not necessary but some coverage is still required. For example the photo above shows a RAM truck with molded air vent pieces and molded pieces on the center console. The trim around the climate control ect is flat as are the pieces on the door panels, around the cup holder and shifter, and above the glove box. This is a Combination Kit aka Molded/Flat Combo kit. Using modern technology and state of the art manufacturing proceedures, we are able to product exactly the same finish on both the molded and flat pieces giving your vehicle a truly amazing factory look.

Installing a new molded dash trim kit will give your vehicle instant appeal and will give it a look and feel of a much higher end more expensive model for a fraction of the cost. Order a molded dash trim kit today and start enjoying an upgraded, refreshed and completely new look to the inside of your ride!