flat dash trim kit

What is the difference between a flat Dash Trim Kit and Molded Kit?

A Flat dash trim kit is a decorative add-on for your vehicles interior. These kits install over top of the vehicles existing dash surfaces to give the vehicle a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance. They work particulaly well on flatter surfaces or surfaces that have gentle curves. Flat kits are flexible and will conform to radiuses and contours of the dashboard surface. Molded dash trim kits are three dimentional and precisely manufactured to conform perfectly to the corners, sharp curves and moldings of the dash board. These are typically made from ABS material and vacuum formed for an OEM orginal equipment look.

Our trim kits do not replace any part of your existing trim or dashboard surface. Dash trim kits are available in real and synthetic woods, carbon fibers, aluminums and more! View our trim colors page for more information. Please note flat trim kits are not molded and do not conform to tight curves and bevels manufactured into the dashboard surface.

What are your Dash Trim Kits made of?

Our trims are made from real and synthetic materials such as wood, carbon fiber and modern colors. They are made up of 3 layers which are the 3M adhesive backing, the trim material itself, and a high quality UV and scratch resistant polyurethane gloss coating. (Real Brushed Aluminum and Real Chrome do not have the polyurethane coating.)

material schematic

Can I install the trim by myself?

You can install it yourself if you patiently and carefully follow the installation instructions. It is as easy as 1-2-3... You simply have to clean your vehicle's dashboard. Remove protected tape from the back of trim. Press the pieces onto your vehicle's dashboard. All our dash kits have 3M adhesive foam tape backing.

How long does it take to install a Dash Kit?

The amount of time installation takes depends on the size of the dash kit; kits with more pieces take more time. For a first-time installer, expect to spend one to one-and-a-half hours on the installation. With a minimal amount of practice, installations will be completed in thirty minutes or less. Familiarize yourself with the installation instructions and assemble your materials prior to installation to save time.

What do I do if I damage a piece during installation?

If you damage a piece during installation, please request replacement parts from our customer service department. We need to know the model # and part #. Please take this information from the diagram comes with the trim. Or find it on the PRODUCT list. If your trim made from a real wood, customer service department will issue a Return Authorization Number to you, and you will return the piece. Please write the Return Authorization Number on the outside of the packaging. The piece will be remade for you at a nominal charge, and we will use your returned piece as a color match, so that your new piece will match your other installed pieces as best as possible. If you do not wish to send the damaged piece, please understand that if the piece that is made and sent to you does not match to your satisfaction in color or grain pattern, you will have to pay for any additional replacement pieces. dashkitspecialties.com is not responsible for color match for pieces, options or consoles that are purchased to augment an existing dash kit without a color match provided by the customer.

How can I find professional installer?

Our dash kits are relatively easy to install yourself but if you prefer professional installation, we recommend taking your car and the dash kit to a professional auto window tinting shop or auto accessory shop that does parts installations, or a reputable body shop or detailer in your local area.

Can I remove the Dash Kit Trim after installation?

Our interior dash kits are designed for permanent installation. They can be removed but this may, in some cases, cause damage to the surface of the OEM dash board and there will be some residual 3M adhesive left on the surface which will have to be removed.

What is OEM?

It is Original Equipment installed by Manufacturer of the vehicle. Some vehicles come from their manufacturer already with some wood grain accents. Our OEM interior trims contain additional, complementing wood dash trim pieces that match the color of the wood that came in your vehicle from its manufacturer. Please note our OEM match may not match 100% perfectly because OEM trim and our trim are made by different manufacturers. However, most OEM matches are about 90% or a close match. If you would like a sample first, please contact us for a free sample.

I don't want all the pieces in a Kit, can I order just a few pieces from the Kit?

Because of the costs involved in manufacturing, certain pieces from a complete kit cannot be ordered separately. You would need to order the complete kit and use only the pieces that you need.

Are you the manufacturer?

American Truck n' Auto Accessories LLC is an authorized distributor for various manufacturers and we do not actually manufacture the dash trim kits we sell.