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Automotive Dash Trim Kits

Welcome to Dash Kit Specialties where Quality is our motto.
Quality Dash Kits with Quality Service is the way we do business!

Thank you for visiting our website! We specialize in many different types of automotive dash kits and dash trim kits to enhance and dress up your dashboard with lots of different finishes and colors to choose from. We offer dash kits for cars, trucks and SUVs and some motorcycles too!

With us, good old fashioned Customer Service is alive and well! We respond quickly to emails and when you call, you won't get routed to an offshore customer service rep. When you place a call to us during normal business hours, you will get a live person that is helpful and knowledgeable to assist you, right away, right here, in the USA. The way it should be!


Interior Dash Kits: Why you need one!

Are you the type of individual who lives life to the fullest and is always on the lookout for a meaningful way to enhance your enjoyment of life in general? Well, when it comes to the vehicle you drive, we have the perfect solution for customizing your interior space and making it just the way you like it! Enter our custom interior dash trim kits! Maybe you never knew that you could customize and upgrade the dashboard and interior surfaces of your vehicle with many cool different finishes and colors from wood grain to chrome and everything in between. Well, the good news is that you can do just that with one of our custom dash kits made especially for your particular vehicle. A new interior wood grain dash kit will instantly add warmth and elegance to any car. Or maybe you want to change your plain-Jane plastic interior into an exciting carbon fiber one. Or maybe you want to install some beautiful modern chrome or aluminum. Or maybe you want to add more of the same wood grain already installed in your car from its manufacturer. We offer OEM Match options so you can add more matching wood trim to your car. Now, there’s an easy and affordable way to do it! A custom dash kit is easily installed using pre-applied 3M adhesive. It’s never been easier to upgrade the inside of your ride!

B&I Trims Inc.

B&I Trims is the leading premium manufacturer of interior auto accessories and is the No.1 dash kit manufacturer in the world! Having been in business since 1986, they have always been customer focused and make interior dash kits that are second to none in quality, fit and style. Using advanced CNC manufacturing techniques ensures each and every order is custom made to the highest quality standards and delivered on time and at the right price! B&I Trims not only makes dash kits for domestic cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles but also serves the international community offering both right-hand and left-hand drive options. B&I Trims also offers wood grain steering wheels, chrome rocker trim, fender trim and custom finishing services. B&I Trim is an OEM approved supplier and is proud to produce automotive interior finishes for leading domestic and international vehicle manufacturers.

WOW Trim Inc.

One fine day many, many years ago, a young fledgling company produced its first simulated wood grain dash kit and installed it in one of their own cars. The first thing out of people’s mouth when they saw it was “WOW”! Then something like “that looks so cool”. WOW Trim Inc was born, and the name has been synonymous with quality dash kits ever since. They have been making interior automobile dash trim kits for almost 20 years now and are experts in the field of manufacturing interior dash trim kits. The many different makes and models that they manufacture trim kits for, set them apart with their offerings of dash kits for Acura to Yamaha and everything in between. WOW Trim offers dash kits for many vehicles from old to new starting with models from the 60’s all the way up to the very latest models. WOW Trim offers a huge variety of materials and finishes to suit any taste. From exotic real wood dash kits to modern finishes such as chrome and brushed aluminum. WOW Trim is bound to have the custom interior dash kit that is just right for you and your vehicle.


Purchasing your vehicle is like purchasing your home in many ways. Aside from your residence, it’s usually number two on the list of the most expensive things you will buy in your lifetime. It’s your personal space. It’s like your home away from home. And, just like your house, you want to personalize it and put your own touch on it to make it just the way you like it. Just like you shop for interior décor and accessories for your home, why not do the same for your car? After all, you can spend almost as much time in your car as you do in your house or office. So why not make it yours and have it become an extension of your personality and who you are! First of all, you need to decide on the type of finish you like and how much area you want to transform.

Dash Kit Finishes

Are you a classic burl wood kind of person or does a sporty carbon fiber interior appeal to you. Maybe you like a metallic finish such as chrome, aluminum, platinum silver or brushed aluminum. Or maybe you prefer a bright modern color such as solid red, blue, yellow, pink, jet black or brilliant white. There are so many finishes to choose from to suit your taste perfectly. Here are some tips to choosing the right color and finish.

  • First, what type of color and finish do you prefer? Do you like a classic wood grain or a modern metallic finish? Maybe a grey, red or blue carbon fiber. How about a solid color? Once you have looked at our sample finishes, it won’t take long to find the color and finish that you like.
  • Do you prefer wood grain? We offer many variations of wood grain dash kits including Real and Faux Woods such as Cherry Woods, Rosewoods, Maple, Zebra Wood, Grey Burl, Newport Burl and more. If you prefer wood grain, you’re bound to find one that you like. We also offer Factory Match finishes to compliment your existing factory installed wood dash kit.
  • How about a sporty carbon fiber? We offer dash kits in both faux and real carbon fiber finishes not just in the usual grey, but we also offer red carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber and silver wire carbon fiber trim kits.
  • Check out our modern metallic finishes! We also carry modern finishes for our dash kits such as brushed aluminum, real chrome, regular aluminum and platinum silver. These finishes can be a nice addition to newer vehicles which already have a small amount of these existing finishes installed from the factory.
  • Maybe you want to match the exterior color or simply make a statement that you love vibrant bright colors? We get it - so we offer dash kits in solid colors with a high gloss finish including Jet Black, White, Blue, Orange, Red and Pink.

How Many Pieces do I get in a Dash Kit?

Our dash kit manufacturers realize that we are all different in our tastes and preferences. Some people like many pieces in a dash kit and want to transform as much of the interior space in their car as possible. Others just want an accent here and there and do not want to overdo it. So, when browsing through our dash kits, you will find different versions of the same kit, some with a lot of pieces and some with less. We generally refer to them as “Large Dash Kits”, “Medium Dash Kits” and “Small Dash Kits”. Large kits will have anywhere from 40 to as much as 80 or more pieces in the kit. Medium kits will normally have anywhere from 20 to 40 pieces and small kits will have up to approximately 20 pieces or less depending on the exact vehicle.

  • Radio / Climate control area. These components are generally in the center of the dashboard and receive a lot of attention. Most of our basic dash kits start in this area. Adding color and dimension to this area is a great place to start.
  • Gauge cluster / Drivers vents. When we are driving, much of our attention is focused on our gauges so it makes perfect sense to add color and vibrance to this area. Most of our dash kits come with a cluster surround and some even have separate trim pieces for the gauges themselves.
  • Glove box / Passenger vents. Your front seat passenger will be delighted with the splash of color and warmth right in front of them in the glove box and vent area. This can be a large area and sometimes has several trim pieces applied. Up to 1/3 of the coverage of the kit can be applied to this area.
  • Door panels. In larger kits, it’s common to include trim pieces for the doors. These can include covering the switches and door controls to covering large open panels on the doors. Installing door panel trims will extend the new color and finish so it continues from the dashboard and onto the doors. This can make a dramatic improvement as some doors and door panels are quite large.
  • Steering wheel. Many of our medium to larger dash trim kits include pieces for the steering wheel. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the new look and feel of your upgraded steering wheel as you grasp it and feel the nice smooth glossy surface of your new trim kit as you drive.

Dash Trim Kits – Applique’s - Not replacement panels

Our dash kits are overlay trim kits and do not replace any part of your existing interior panels or components. They adhere on-to and over the existing interior surfaces and are designed to be decorative add-on trim. See our FAQ page for a complete explanation. However, many of our kits will cover damaged areas of your interior such as cracked and broken surfaces due to sunlight exposure and wear and tear over the years. Each of our dash kits have detailed diagrams to clearly show where each and every piece goes.

What are the main benefits of installing a Dash Kit?

There are so many benefits of installing a new dash trim kit in your vehicle! Whether you want to give it a new upgraded look or you want to cover some damage from sunlight exposure or a mishap inside the vehicle. Here are a few reasons why it pays to install a dash trim kit in your car.

  • A whole new look! Within an hour or two and with a little patience, you can add a completely new look and feel to the interior of your ride adding class, elegance, style and warmth.
  • Protection! Installing a new dash trim kit will protect your original panels which can be very expensive to repair or replace down the road in case they get damaged. Our overlay dash kits will not only compliment your panels and interior surfaces, but will ensure they last for many years, just like your new dash kit.
  • Cover damaged areas! If your interior is getting older and may be showing some wear and tear and damage, our dash kits may be an economical and good way to cover that damage. Many of our dash kits have large pieces that will cover quite an extensive area.
  • Resale value! When it comes time to say goodbye to your car, you want to get as much as possible for it right? Prospective buyers will be delighted by the custom interior you have installed. They won’t find a plain-Jane plastic interior – but a vibrant and exciting interior, setting your vehicle apart from the rest.

Can I Install the Dash Kit Myself?

The short answer is yes! All our custom dash kits come with a complete set of installation instructions, alcohol cleaning wipes and adhesion promoter – everything you need for a proper installation. However, to some, it may seem a daunting task, especially when you realize each piece has to be installed in exactly the right position. Below we will cover the main points of DIY and professional installation.

DIY – Install it Yourself in the Garage or in Your Driveway.

  • Do you have a steady hand? Are you skillful and articulate with your hands? Have reasonably good eyesight? Have some patience? If you can answer yes to these questions – there’s no reason why you can’t install the dash kit yourself.
  • You save quite a bit of money. These days it’s extremely expensive to get anybody to do anything for you, right? With the average installation cost of anywhere from $100 to $300, you’ll save a lot if you can do it yourself!
  • You are in control. You can install your new dash kit when and where it pleases you. Maybe you just want to start off with a few pieces and not install the entire kit at once. See how it goes. Many people leave some pieces out initially and install them later, maybe a month or even a year down the road.

Have a Professional install your Dash Kit.

  • Maybe you don’t feel up to it or are a little nervous about getting it right. That’s understandable. If this is the case, you might want to seek professional installation and leave the job to someone else. We recommend installers such as automotive window tinting companies, an automotive installation / accessory center or a reputable body shop in your local area. Take the dash kit to them first and have them give you a firm quote. Be sure to get 2 or 3 quotes from different companies.
  • Worry free. Simply drop your car off at the installers, go get some coffee or run some errands and when you return, it’ll all be done! The first thing you will say is “WOW that looks fantastic”! You’ll love the new look and feel of your car!
  • Installation backed by warranty. A professional installer will back up the quality of their work with a warranty. If you run into issues such as pieces starting to detach, take the vehicle back to them and they will fix the problem. Be sure to enquire about the warranty before having them do the job.

Cleaning and Maintaining your Dash Kit

You’ve invested in a new custom dash kit and installed it in your car so let’s learn how to keep it looking new for many years to come! For general spills and dirt such as dust or fingerprints, warm soapy water is the best solution. If you need something a bit stronger, try some Windex on a soft cloth. If you have anything such as excessive adhesive on the polyurethane surface, WD40 or the like is safe to use and is very effective at removing anything that is stubborn and doesn’t want to come off. Simply spray some on a soft cloth and wipe.

Why Buy your Dash Kit from us?

Here at American Truck N’ Auto Accessories, we know the products we sell. We have over 20 years of experience in the products we offer. We have selected only the very best manufacturers of custom interior dash kits! It’s extremely important to us that we offer high quality parts and accessories such as our interior dash kits, exterior trim kits and accessories. We all have our dash kits installed in our own personal vehicles and we love them! Our manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their dash kits so you can rest assured we are completely confident in the products we offer. Combined with our renowned customer service and care – we are your number one choice for purchasing your new interior dash kit!


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