Hummer Dash Kits

Go on...add some appealing color and individual character to your Hummer with the help of one of our interior dash trim kits from Dash Kit Specialties! We offer high quality Hummer dash kits produced right here in the USA. Only the highest quality and only the best materials are offered by us. Just select the product you like from the hugh variety of real exotic wood vaneers, synthetic wood grain, real brushed aluminum, fun colors and carbon fiber dash kits for your Hummer H2 or H3. Place an order today and it will be delivered to you at the shortest possible time. The installation process is very simple – just follow the instructions given on the website and included with the trim kit and you'll have no problems at all. With one of our new custom made dash kits your Hummer will have a new, fresh and upgraded look. Go ahead...your Hummer and you deserve it!