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INTERIOR dash trim kits for cars, trucks and suvs.

You spend a lot of time on the road and in your car, driving to and from work, running errands, dropping off the kids, going on vacation, stuck in traffic jams ect. Lets face it, your driving experience can be anything from a pleasant drive in the countryside to a stressful commute to work and back. Whatever you use your car for, it should be comfortable, pleasing and delightful to you whenever your drive it. Just like when you first chose your car, truck or suv, the interior also reflects your personality and says much about who you are. May we suggest installing one of our custom auto interior dash kits from and add some customization, comfort, style, luxury and warmth to the interior space of your vehicle. Continue reading to find out more about interior 2D dash kits.

Transform The Inside of Your Car with a New Dash Kit:

Do you ever get tired of the plain grey factory plastic inside your car? Why not turn the inside from plain-jane boring to an exciting and enjoyable interior with one our dash trim kits! You'll be amazed at how easy and affordable it is to do! Our dash kits are made specially for your exact vehicle make and model. None of that cheap universal cut-to-fit stuff here! Each piece is precision cut on lazer CNC machines to match up perfectly with the dimensions of the dashboard and interior surfaces of your car, truck or suv. Hundreds of hours have been spent reseaching and developing each and every dash trim kit we offer so when you receive yours, it will fit perfectly and the end result will look like it came from the factory that way. Your car will look like a much higher-end model but without the additional thousands of dollars higher price tag. Why buy a high-end model car with all the bells and whistles when you get an equally impressive interior by installing a dash kit.

What's the Advantage of a 2D Dash Kit?

There are many advantages of two dimensional dash kits. Many different finishes and color choices allow you to choose just the right one for you and your vehicle. Two dimensional dash kits offer beautiful, rich deep colors and finishes. Two dimensional dash kits are easy to install! Using automotive-grade 3M adhesive (strongest available), our dash kits are installed directly onto your existing dashboard and interior surfaces. They are flexible and conform easily to the curves and radiuses of the dahboard. After properly cleaning your interior surfaces, simply remove the backing, position the piece correctly and press down. It's that easy! In no time at all, you will have completely transformed your interior space into a warm, inviting interior giving a much more exciting driving experience. Every time you get into your car you will be delighted with the new look!

Flat Dash Trim Kits

The Highest Quality and Very Best Dash Kits Available!

Having been one of the leaders in aftermarket dash trim for over 20 years, we are confident that our interior dash kits will bring you complete and absolute satisfaction! We don't sell the cheap decals or ultra-thin wraps like others. All our car, truck and suv interior trim kits are real trim pieces made up of multiple layers of material and are manufactured with the latest precision CNC laser technology from absolute top quality materials. Our exotic real wood products are sustainably sourced from responsible international suppliers. Starting with a layer of 3M adhesive, the finish is then bonded to the adhesive. Most of our dash kits are then covered with a deep high gloss UV resistant polyurethane coating which gives them a unique scratch-resistant and UV protected finish which is easy to clean and keeps it looking like new. The installation process requires no special skills, tools or experience. Due to our easy to follow included instructions we have posted on our website and that comes with your kit, you will surely be able to do it yourself in a relatively short period of time. We recommend setting aside one to two hours for installation of our dash trim kits. We generally recommend installing our 2D dash kits with the dash kit itself and interior surfaces of your car at or above room temperature. This allows maximum flexibility of each piece and allows for maximum adhesion strength which ensures a clean and problem-free installation. Why not join the thousands of people who are delighted with their fresh new interior by ordering a new dash trim kit today!

Mazda Flat Dash Trim Kit

What Finish Should I Choose for My Car?

There ars so many choices of finishes! We offer stunning and beautiful finishes in wood grain dash kits with choices such as Japanese Cherry Wood (both real and faux), African Zebra Wood, Birdseye Maple, Dark Mahogany, Ebony Zebra, Honey Burl Wood, Medium Burl Wood, Newport Burl, Platinum Burl, Titanium Burl Wood, Blackwood, Oxford Burl, Bronze Burlwood and Rosewood. Many of them are also avilable in genuine real wood! If you're looking for something sporty and modern, we also offer metalic finishes such as Real Brushed Aluminum, Faux Brushed Aluminum, Platinum Silver, Real Carbon Fiber and Synthetic Carbon Fiber dash kit finishes. How about solid colors such as an assortment of Bright Yellow, Deep Red, Sky Blue and Black Fibers. We also offer plain red, blue, orange, black and pink. Our many choices of abundant finishes cover just about every color under the sun and in the rainbow which gives you many choices and options of how to customize your interior space no matter what your flavor. You can easily see the many finishes we offer on the Trim Colors page on our website which have thumbnail images of the colors which can be enlarged. We also offer samples at a small cost if you wish to see a real sample of the product before you purchase your dash kit. We highly recommend ordering samples because each monitor and computer screen is set differently and may not represent the true color of the finish. With real samples, you can also take them to the car and see which one you like or which one matches the interior better.

Real Carbon Fiber Flat Dash Kit

Why Should I Buy My 2D Dash Kit From You?

When you order from American Truck N' Auto Accessories, you can enjoy many benefits. First and foremost, we have over 20 years in the field of automotive interior accessories and dash trim kits. We are the experts and no one comes close to our level of cutomer service. For example, our limited lifetime warranty ensures your investment is protected for the lifetime of your ownership of your vehicle. We also offer some of the lowest and most competitive prices ensuring that you get great value when ordering from us. We also pay your sales tax which helps save you money. Our customer service is unbeatable and when you call us during normal business hours, you won't get routed to an offshore rep in some other country where you can barely understand what they are saying. You won't get sent through an annoying system whose "menu has changed". "You'll get a live person who is knowledgeable, helpful and polite! Our amazing products and great customer service makes the 2D flat dash kits we offer, a must-have for anyone considering upgrading the interior of their vehicle. Go ahead and add an attractive upgrade dash trim kit and you'll have a whole new love and appreciation for your car, truck or suv! And don't forget, we offer Free Shipping within the mainland USA for order value over $199.00.!

Ford Mustang Carbon Fiber Dash Trim Kit


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